Friday, 30 November 2012


Battle, Defense, Fortification, Barrier, Trench,
This obviously pictures a particularly bitter neighbourly dispute. There was less shooting in ours. 


Noun. Also abattis. Plural same, -es. Mid-18th century.

Military. A defence formed by placing felled trees lengthwise one over the other with their branches toward the enemy's line.
Also, a barricade of barbed wire. 

Now here's the thrill of reading a dictionary! I've made one of these ... I've actually made one!

Some years ago, my family was involved in a petty boundary dispute with a neighbour who was convinced he had the right of way through an enclosed section of our garden and insisted on making a point of walking through it each day. At the only access point where he could walk from his side into our garden, my father and I constructed an abatis (although I didn't know it was an abatis at the time). Using trees and branches from a recently cleared section of our garden, we constructed a rather effective barrier as described in the definition. In was jolly good fun, and the neighbour never again exercised his "right" to walk into our garden. Huzzah!  


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