Saturday, 1 December 2012



Noun. L16.
[Old & mod. French]

HUNTING. A trace left by a stag in the underwood. Usually in plural.

All I know is this: if one day we're lost and starving in the woods, and I exclaim "By Jove! We've happened upon an abature! Follow me people! This way to food and water!", suddenly my dictionary reading won't seem such a geeky thing to do, will it?


  1. This is the 1st word on that i know, i 1st heard this word from Ray Mears many years ago....and I like it, i had forgotten it as you do when not tracking deer!

    Terence Briggs

  2. As it's only the 5th entry in Lexicolatry, I would say you're doing rather well! I didn't know it, but I'm convinced one day it will save my life, or at least make me look very cool : o )