Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Noun. Orig. US. M20. 

An advertisement offering information about a commercial or industrial product or activity in the style of an editorial comment.

I hate advertorials. I mean, I really hate them! Fortunately most respectable magazines and papers write "ADVERTISEMENT" or, even more honestly, "ADVERTORIAL" at the top of the page when printing them, but even so I do think they're horrible pieces of advertising. Probably what annoys me more is that I still find myself being caught out by them. "Ooh!" I think, "Millions of people adopting a new dietary program that's clinically proven by experts from all over the world!" And then my eyes, starting to dart suspiciously because of the fantastic claims, catch that horrible word at the top of the page: ADVERTORIAL

When thinking about a picture to accompany this entry, I decided not to print an example of an advertorial because I didn't want to advertise any product that uses them. Instead, I'm chosen a baby covered in logos. Personally, I think it's rather cute. 

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