Sunday, 30 December 2012


Yes I used to collect these, and this was my favourite player


Noun. E17. 
[Latin = blank tablet, use as noun of neut. of albus white; first in English from German use of Latin phr. album amicorum album of friends, and in Latin forms.]

I A blank book for the insertion of collected items.
1 A blank book in which people other than the owner insert autographs, memorial verses, etc. E17.
2 A blank book for the insertion of stamps, photographs, etc. 

II 3 A holder for a set of discs or tape recordings; an integral set of discs or tapes; a disc or tape comprising several pieces of music etc. E20. 

A familiar word with an interesting etymology; I had never made the connection between an album and the Latin word for white, albus. As for the album amicorum, that's very, very sweet.

Orbital's In Sides
The first album I ever bought on CD
Even after all these years, it still sends tingles down my spine

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