Tuesday, 29 January 2013



[from A preposition + POOP Old French pupe, pope (mod. poupe) from Proto-Romance var. of Latin puppis poop, stern.]

NAUTICAL. On the poop; astern.

It doesn't matter how mature you are, nor many times you hear it, not one of you can say you don't at least crack a smile every time you hear of a poop deck. As if jokes about scrubbing the poop deck aren't bad enough, we now know of a related adverb that allows us to be ordered a-poop, to be a-poop, to resolutely hold a-poop in the heat of battle and (infinitely more humiliating) to lose a-poop while fighting a rear-guard action. 

Personally, if I were Captain, I think I'd just rename that part of the ship. I'd never get any work done otherwise.

"Come, Doctor. What you say we go a-poop together?"
"Seriously? You still think that's funny?"


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