Friday, 11 January 2013


Running amok


Adjective, noun & adverb. Also amuck, am(o)uco (obs.). Early 16th century.
[(Portuguese am(o)uco from) Malay amuk fighting furiously, in a homicidal frenzy.] 

adjective. obsolete. In a homicidal frenzy. rare. Only in M17

B1 noun. A Malay in a homicidal frenzy. M17

B2 noun. A homicidal frenzy; an act of running amok. M19

C adverb. run amok, run about in a frenzied thirst for blood; go on a destructive rampage; rush wildly and heedlessly. L17 

(something to think about the next time you say your kids are running amok)

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