Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Anaphrodisiac, Stalker girl, Weird, Creepy, Intense,
They're not a drug, but crazy stalker eyes are definitely anaphrodisiac


Adjective & noun. Early 19th century.

(A drug) that reduces sexual desire.

This word suffers exactly the same problem as the previously posted anacronym, but with potentially far more serious consequences. Imagine the scene: 

"Please, Doctor!" pleads Anna, choking back the tears. "My husband ... he ... he needs something! ... anaphrodisiac ... I'm at my wits end ... he's not human, doctor!"

"Right you are," responds the doctor, stifling a yawn and scribbling in his prescription pad. "An aphrodisiac. There! One prescription, extra strength. You won't know yourself by the end of the week, Mrs Frodisiac."

Oh the hilarity. There's a sitcom waiting to be written there, I'm sure of it. Representatives from the BBC are free to contact me at any time. 

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