Saturday, 26 January 2013



Noun. Early 19th century.

A summary, a conspectus; an insight, a revealing glimpse.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary also defines aperçu as 'an immediate intuitive insight'. I like it. I'd like to have one one day. 

Oh ... and if you want to sound really classy, try to sound French as you say it; it's pronounced ah-peh-soo. Nothing would quite discredit an aperçu as it sounding like a sneeze when it's pronounced.


  1. ah-peh-soo is a nice try but it maroons the speaker in the mire of the English accent. The sound of the French R is missing.

  2. You're absolutely right, although a trade-off has to be made between the true French pronunciation and the Anglicised form. But yes, if you want to sound *really* cultured, the ah-peh-soo loses something.

    Any suggestions? Or, as a French speaker, you could always record a sound clip that I could upload to the page! : o )