Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lexicolatry: Update Report


Relax! Fear not!

There is still a word for today. This is just the first of my State of the Conjugation posts (does that pun even work?). You might remember (if you were one of the five or so people that read my opening post) that I said I would post the occasional language-related article or progress report on Sundays. Well, this is one of those reports. And if it’s really too much bother to scroll down, I’ll even provide you with a handy link to today’s word, it being (as I lower my voice to a whisper) the rather saucy aphrodisiac!

The first thing I want to say is a huge thank you to all those that are taking the time to read my posts and participate in Lexicolatry. Thus far, it’s been great fun!

It’s all very early days, of course, having only reached AP- in the dictionary. However, the daily readership is growing steadily, as are the numbers subscribing via email, RSS and through the Facebook group.

Talking of Facebook, the group now has 53 members, and I would urge any readers to sign up to the group by ‘liking’it. I would like to have as much reader participation as possible, and the Facebook group is a great place for that. We've already had three reader-suggested words (anthropometry, anthropomorphism and antipodes), as well as me being able to ask for the group’s help with regards words that are coming up (finding a picture for anatopism, for example, and finding more examples of anacronyms).

Whether or not you’re a member of the FB group, please get involved by giving me your feedback, pointing out any mistakes you find (I know this is the type of blog that will appeal to irrepressible pedants), and suggesting words you would like to see featured.

Oh ... and don't be afraid to comment on the blog pages themselves! I get lots of emails and messages regarding particular posts with some amazingly interesting insights or comments, but there seems to be a little reluctance to actually put the comment on the blog. All I can say is be bold - get it out there! You can even do it anonymously if you're feeling particularly shy. 

I would also like to invite guest posts from any fellow bloggers and writers out there. If there’s a word you’d like to write about, please feel free to email me with your suggestion. It would be great to have some others on board too.

So that’s it! Thank you all so much again. Keep spreading the word to anyone you think might be interested, keep reading and keep in touch.

Verbosely yours,


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