Thursday, 7 February 2013


Teddy bear, Arctophile, Cuddly toy, Cuddly
Meet Montgomery - my favourite teddy


Noun. L20. 
[from Greek arktos bear +  philos loving, dear]

A person who collects or is very fond of teddy bears.

I'm an arctophile - I always have been. As a child I even founded my own teddy bear religion. I present to you two of my most cherished arctophilic possessions. Firstly, the book Who Want an Old Teddy Bear? by Ginnie Hofmann, a gift from my father and a story he used to read to me at bedtime. And Montgomery, the rather dashing Harrod's bear, a gift from my late mother. Yes, it says 1998 on his foot, so yes, by most standards I should have been too old to be getting teddy bear presents from my Mum. A true arctophile doesn't care for 'most standards' however; we're going to keep loving our bears and not give a damn what society says!


  1. Oh my goodness that's what I am!!!

    1. Acceptance of what we are is the first step, MaryKate : o )

  2. On a slightly related note...the Arctic is so called because it too comes from the Greek word arktos meaning "bear", and the North Pole aims at the stars called the Great Bear and the Little Bear.

    1. Definitely a related note - thank you! You can't beat good trivia, and this is trivia of the highest order. To add to it, the Antarctic is so called because it's opposite (ANT-) the Arctic, or opposite the bear. Thank you Chloe : o )