Friday, 15 February 2013


Adriaen van Ostade's The Painter in his Workshop


Noun. L17.

A workshop or studio, esp. of an artist or couturier.

There is a special wonder and romance in the atelier of an artist; in its arcane instruments, abstruse mementos and unfinished sketchings. Somehow, from the seeming disorder of the discoloured pots and jars, the stiff brown rags and the ubiquitous smell of heat, dust and paint, artifacts of profound beauty emerge. The atelier itself is as much a constructed work of art as anything produced therein, because it is deeply personal to the artist, formed over time to allow the discrete fragments of the creative mind to be pulled together, shaped and refined, to offer up something deeper to enrich the world.

Do you have an atelier, be it a formal studio or a converted spare room? Please feel free to leave any comments about yours and what it means to you.

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