Saturday, 16 February 2013


"I'm with the humans on this one ... let's just wait and see what happens to all the ice ..."


Noun. M20.
[French, from attente wait, waiting]

The policy of waiting to see what happens.

The central locking on my car stopped working recently. After not much thought, I decided to adopt a policy of attentisme, an approach I've also found very effective with computer problems. It worked, and after a couple of weeks the car was inexplicably locking again. I'm currently exercising a similar approach on the broken downstairs toilet, the hole in the roof and the strange and expanding swelling on my left hand. And before I get any messages telling me how stupid I'm being, I might point out that as humans our approach to such things as climate change, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, etc, is a tacit attentisme. Suddenly the swelling on my left hand doesn't seem to be such a big thing, does it? 


  1. You're almost done with the A's! This is quite a project you've mapped out for yourself.

    1. What was I thinking?? I'll have to do a special feature post when I get to the word 'hubris' : o )