Wednesday, 27 February 2013


'Downstream Autumn' by Chris Marshall of Scoops Images


Adjective. L16.
[Latin autumnalis, from autumnus autumn]

1 Of or pertaining to autumn; characteristic of or appropriate to autumn; maturing or blooming in autumn. L16.

2 fig. Past the prime of life; in decline. E17.

Autumnal is a deeply sensuous word. It encapsulates everything that is so richly beautiful about autumn itself: the striking colours and contrasts, the fragrant scents and the allure of change hanging in the cool air. To describe something with the adjective autumnal is to convey upon it one of the most elegant words in the English language. Even in its second sense, that of being in decline, autumnal carries a distinguished venerability and elegance.


  1. I've always felt sorry for the word "autumn", because as beautiful as it is, it's always the one that gets severely butchered when my 9-year-old students learn the 4 seasons. (It gets the "otom" treatment).

    I really enjoyed your description of this word today.