Saturday, 2 March 2013



Noun. Now rare. M19.
[from Latin avis bird + cidium cutting, killing]

The slaughter of birds; bird-shooting.

When the shamelessly avicidal Duck Hunt was released on the Nintendo in 1987, it really was the duck's nuts. For those unfamiliar with 1980s pop culture, Duck Hunt was a game played with a light gun that you actually pointed at the screen of your TV. In the 1980s, this was a pretty big deal! Unfortunately, if wanton avicide wasn't enough to ensure immediate sanction from my mother, the use of a plastic gun that I held in my hand certainly wasDuck Hunt was forbidden, such was the deprivation of my childhood.

Strangely enough, I played Duck Hunt a few years ago on someone's "vintage" console. As I stood blasting pixelated avians out of the sky with a cheap plastic gun, I couldn't help but think my Mum was right to proscribe it. It wasn't a "horrible game" as my mother asserted, but it was a damned boring one.


  1. Duckhunt... Maybe that's why the Angry Birds are so angry these days.

    When the suffix -cide comes up, I usually give three examples: homicide, suicide and pesticide. I'll definitely use avicide next time. Thanks!

    1. Don't forget arboricide!