Saturday, 23 March 2013


Cadbury Roses, Barmecide, Barmecidal
And it would even smell of chocolate! Oh the torture!


Noun & adjective. E18.
[Arab. barmaki, the patronymic of a prince in the Arabian Nights' Entertainments
 who feasted a beggar on a succession of empty dishes to test his humour.]

A noun. A person who offers imaginary food or illusory benefits. E18.

B attrib. or as adjective. Illusory, unreal; offering imaginary food food or illusory benefits.

adjective. M19.
Illusory, unreal.

As a child, I don't have many more poignant a memory than when I would find a tin of Cadbury Roses secreted somewhere in the house, only to open it and find it full of buttons. I think my Mum did it on purpose; one day I'll learn to trust again.


  1. That's oddly poignant for me too. Whenever I went looking for a button I ended up with a slightly squashed fudge.

    - Clueless in Seattle

    1. This sounds like it's a rude joke, but then I think about it, and it's not ... hmm ...

  2. So actually, you could say "he's a barmicide" (definition A). Somehow, that sounds weird. A bit like a sea creature. Or like it would work better in the sentence "he commited barmicide". See, much better.

    Heh, guess what I just realised? My last blogpost has your name in the title. I know I'm slow, but it made me laugh so hard and I thought you just HAD to know.

    1. (Don't mind me, I'm down with the half-flu and everything is funny because meds.)

    2. Barmecide is an odd sounding word. In Britain, 'barmy' means mad or a bit crazy, so 'barmecide' sounds a bit like the killing of a mad person.

      And yes, I did notice you had appropriated my name for your blogpost title "Sex Ed". I was most put out by the fact that you didn't link me : o )