Sunday, 24 March 2013

Barnum (effect)

Barnum Effect, Greatest Show on Earth, PT Barnum
Flying horses, dogs in wheels ... what's not to like?


Noun. M19.
Humbug; empty showmanship.



The tendency of individuals to accept types of information such as character assessments or horoscopes as being particularly true of themselves, even when the information is so vague as to be worthless.

After careful examination of your viewer algorithms when accessing Lexicolatry, I am pleased to present to you, free of charge, your very own personalised reader profile:

You feel that your level of English is good, both in terms of use and vocabulary, but there is room for improvement. You're sometimes unsure, for example, whether you're using a particular word or expression correctly, and the spellings of some words cause you to pause when writing. Occasionally you will read or hear a word that is unfamiliar, which makes you to want to know more. With regards verbal skill, generally you can express yourself very well, but there are times when you struggle to find the right words to express your deeper thoughts, and on occasion you can lose confidence, especially when nervous or in the presence of someone that is particularly articulated. You have a keen interest in English and language and think that Lexicolatry might be a useful tool in broadening your knowledge and vocabulary, although some words featured interest you more than others.

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  1. Huh, yes. Yes indeed. GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU STRANGE MAN!

    A very long time ago, the Barnum & Bailey circus performed on a field where later, they built my secondary school. So now everything that was built on that particular site is called Barnum, including my old school. How's that for random yet awesome information?!


    - Clueless