Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Bekiss, Kiss, Kissing, Passion, Smooch, Making out


Verb trans. Late 16th century.
[from BE- + KISS verb]

Kiss excessively; cover with kisses.

I was a little disappointed with the definition of bekiss. With all of the recent beheadings, begruttenings and begnawings, I was looking forward to something wholly positive. So while it's difficult to argue with the definition (after all, excessive anything is bad - even kissing apparently), I do suggest that we reclaim bekiss and roundly apply its second, altogether more sensual meaning: to cover with kisses. That being so, it's probably worth reminding everyone that Saturday 6th July 2013 is International Kissing Day. There's no reason to wait, of course, or restrict it to romantic kisses, and in the meantime we can merrily bekiss our lovers, husbands, wives, children and even parents. Mwuah!


  1. Huh, bekiss eh? That's one you don't hear too often."The mother bekissed her baby boy". It sounds a bit, uhm... shady. "He bekissed his lover". Meh, might work. If you read it "bekissit", not "bekist".

  2. Well ... in the last line, I was referencing the celebration of kissing which is International Kissing Day; the idea of bekissing Mum and Dad was rather facetious. Although, it's still a nice thing to do ... "Mwuah, mwuah, mwuah ... I love ... mwuah ... you ... mwuah ... so much Mum!" : o D

    1. Maybe I'm just not really raised in a bekissable family o.O


    skip to 3.20 for some real bekissing! :)