Saturday, 27 April 2013


Belgard, shy, coy, flirt, fancy, love, amorous, romantic, connection


Obsolete. Noun. Late 16th - early 19th century.
[Italian bel guardo]

A kind or loving look.

That moment, that fleeting connection between two souls; the sudden exhilaration of being betrayed by our own eyes and the unspoken understanding, now established, that can never be taken back: belgard is a word that should never slip into obscurity. It describes a moment too poignant and profound; too precious and ephemeral. While most other dictionaries tended to be narrower in their definition of belgard as something distinctly romantic or amorous, there is something exquisite about the OED's broader definition. From the proud gaze of adoring parents to the furtive glances cast between two people across a crowded room, our eyes express what's in our hearts like no words ever can. 


  1. Yesterday I shared a couple of belgards with a guy sitting in front of me on the train. If you can share a belgard with a random stranger, at least. Was fun... :D Kinda makes your day ten times better.

  2. I adore this word and all it represents!

  3. I'm glad you all like it - it's been one of my favourite words so far : o )