Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Dope, Cheat, Liar, Fraud, Cycling,


Noun. Obsolete. Late 16th - Late 18th century.
[Perhaps a contraction of belly-swagger 'one who swags his belly' from swag verb.]

A swaggering bully; a pimp.

As well as being revealed as one of the greatest and most sophisticated drugs cheats in sporting history, Lance Armstrong has also been exposed as a veritable belswagger, using intimidation, legal harassment, threats and character assassination to persecute his critics. Targets of Armstrong have included fellow cyclists and their families, critical journalists and even his personal staff. Considering the glib and swaggering untouchability with which Armstrong bullied people, the noun belswagger seems a perfect fit for this man.


  1. That word should not be obsolete. There are far too many belswaggers around. I wish I had a daughter so that I could forbid her to marry one.

    -c in s.

    1. I agree 100% - this should not be obsolete. Lance Armstrong is a good poster boy for the need to keep words like this alive.