Saturday, 11 May 2013


Benjamin, Sibling rivalry, Resentment, Favouritism, Favourite, Brothers, Sisters
But at least there's no resentment ...


Noun. Mid-19th century.
[The youngest son of the patriarch Jacob (Genesis 43 etc.).]

The youngest (and favourite) child.

As the Benjamin of my family, I'll just put it on record that being the youngest and the favourite isn't all it's cracked up to be. Oh piffle! Who am I kidding? Being the Benjamin is the best! Thanks Mum and Dad! I love you! Mwuah mwuah mwuah!


  1. I'm sure you're grateful! You better be! We, older siblings, sacrificed our teenage years to give you the freedom you were longing for!

    By the way, may I just say I love the older man's shorts? So sexy. Want.

    1. Ha! I just noticed that guy's a priest ... that picture gets weirder and weirder

    2. I think he's probably a minister, since priests can't get married? Or maybe he's not even the dad, rather just some random dude invading the family portrait. Clearly, everything's possible with this picture. Crazy wasn't crazy enough!

    3. Oh Bibi, I'm the oldest sibling too! My sister and I still have the occasional argument about how she always seems to get her own way with our parents.

      However, Ed, I do like this word because in Greek it is pronounced "venyamin" which has always sounded funny to me.

    4. And I forgot to say, I'm currently reading a novel called The Weird Sisters which is very good.

    5. Nah nah! You too older siblings were just the practice kids ... it's with us youngest that they get it right! *Ed hides behind his Mum's skirt*

    6. And look at that ... I spelt two as 'too' by mistake ... but Mum and Dad will still pat me on the head, tell me I did my best and give me a toffee.

      *sticks tongue out*

    7. @Evi: It's so weird because my sister seems to believe I'm my parents' favourite, because I've always been the more mature, and thus the more responsible one (a characteristic forced upon me). I beg to differ.

      @Ed: Puh! If you're ever in trouble, guess who WON'T come save you?! *stomps off*

    8. Ed: hahaha! You know why it's so funny right? Because it's true!

      Bibi: same here! :)