Sunday, 19 May 2013


Beslobber, Beslaver, Licking, Disgusting, Wet
"Ewwwwwww!" is the only right and proper reaction to this photo by Mike Baird


Verb trans. Late Middle English.
[from BE- + SLOBBER (verb) probably from Middle Dutch slobberen walk through mud, feed noisily.]

Slaver or slobber over.

Please straighten your smirks and tame your titters: the wetness of kissing is actually an area of serious scientific study by some very clever people indeed. Did you know, for example, that men are inherently more partial to a sloppy wet kiss? Quoted in the National Geographic article 'Why Men Are Sloppy Kissers', anthropologist Helen Fisher from Rutgers University said in her best academic language that men 'prefer more tongue action'. 

Personally, I run counter to the evolutionary theory posited in that article as I don't particularly appreciate someone beslobbering all over me, even if it does give me the reproductive advantage of 'detecting traces of estrogen' in her dribble. Evidently some do, however, and I present a picture of a grown man being beslobbered by a dog and a scene from Hot Shots! Part Deux that always make me chuckle.

Do have a read of the National Geographic article, especially if you feel that there's too much romance in your kissing and you'd like to have it dissected and dissolved under the cold hard microscope of science. On the other hand, if you're in a relationship with a beslobbering ape and don't like it, there are a number of handy guides offering tips on discreetly discouraging him from leaving you looking like you've fallen face first into a bowl of wallpaper paste.  

If you're willing to share your personal preferences in the 'to beslobber or not to beslobber' debate, or any tips on discouraging it, please do so in the comment section below. 


  1. I guessed the word! I guessed today's wooooorrd! If this were a game show, I probably would've won a TV, but, alas, it is not, and I'll have to buy that new TV all by myself if I still want it (I don't).

    As for the word, you've read about my first kiss, that one illustrated "beslobber" quite perfectly. And then there's the pretty epic beslobbering that went around the Internet a while ago (starts at around 0:20). I'm not really sure which one of the two to feel sorry for.

  2. Well Bibi ... I tell you what: should I ever 'brand' Lexicolatry and, you know, sell Lexicolatry t-shirts, mugs and pens and stuff like that, I'll send you a free goodie pack for correctly guessing 'beslobber' OK? Do note though that this doesn't mean I'm now making it a competition to guess the next word, and also that I'm not planning on selling Lex merchandise any time soon - so you may be waiting a while. But ... well done! You're quite right in correctly guessing that 'beslobber' would be today's word : o )

    1. Yup, you could do mugs with "lexicolatry" in scrabble letters, like you did in your first post! That'd be cool ^^

    2. I nearly bought a mug with a big Scrabble 'L' on it the other day. But it was £8. And I'm a tight git.