Tuesday, 28 May 2013


A pint of delicious bitter shot by Brian Clift


Adjective. Late 17th century.
[from Latin bibax, -acis + -OUS.]

Given to drinking, bibulous.

If you check the word bibacious in other references, it often gives the definition of "addicted to drinking" or, basically, alcoholic. That's not what the OED says, of course, and Collins 20th Century Dictionary seems to agree with the milder definition, giving it as "one who drinks or tipples".

It's not an area of clearly divided definitions, of course, but there are many people that look forward to a pint of beer or glass of wine after work and it would be a stretch indeed to suggest that they're alcoholic. Therefore, in its OED definition, bibacious seems a useful word to describe someone that likes a few drinks but would not be described as having a drinking problem.

Right. That's done. Now I fancy a pint - mainly down to looking at Brian's rather excellent picture.


  1. I like this word because it combines my name with something I like to do, on occasion. Belgians, much like the French and Germans, like to live a true Burgundian lifestyle, and a nice glass of wine or a cold beer are essential to that! Cheers!

    1. Bibi, Bibi, Bibi ... does it all have to centre around you??

      Well, actually, now that you mention it, a bibi in the OED is defined as:

      'In the Indian subcontinent: a mistress of a household; a non-European female consort."

      It's from the Urdu bibi, and is also spelt beebee in English. So there - a little Lexicolatry just for you. And there are a few more Bibi like words coming up too : o )

    2. Yay! More attention!

      Are you saying I prostitute myself? Only online, my dear Ed, only online. Hm, there's also "habibi", which is Arabic for "beloved", so I like that one better ^^

  2. Hmmmm. BIBACIOUS, BEVY, BEVERAGE....? Does the lexicolator have alcohol issues, or do 'b' words in general have alcohol issues?

    ( I knew something was wrong, but I mistakenly thought it might an unhealthy penchant for baths a while back.)


    1. Yes, B words in general, Clueless, and particularly bib- words. There's more alcohol to come, I'm afraid.

    2. Is there any Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda?

    3. Umm ... no ... But I feel there's a reference or joke or meme here that I don't get ... ??