Sunday, 28 July 2013

Update Report - Halfway Through B

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Halfway Through B!

The venerable babushka that kickstarted 'B' now seems like a distant memory (although not nearly as distant as the ant-snaffling aardvark that kicked-off Lexicolatry altogether). And here we are - eight months since that weird little creature waddled across my computer screen and out into the blogosphere, and we've reached (approximately) the halfway mark in 'B'.

And the first half of 'B' has had some very exciting, flattering and honouring developments. These include:

  • Guest bloggers! I have been immensely proud to have the wonderfully talented Katie Dwyer write for Lex, covering befuddle, besmirch and bicker. Thank you Katie!
  • The award-winning author Sally Prue wrote about bespangle for Lex. Thank you Sally! And thank you for your lovely blog, The Word Den, which is well worth a squizz for anyone that hasn't seen it (I particularly enjoyed her recent post on how her publisher has asked that she remove the word 'sausage' from her most recent book).
  • And a song! Have you ever had a song recorded for you? Well I have, thanks indeed to the very charming blogger Nick Number. Having mentioned that I particularly like the song The Distance by Cake, Nick went off and recorded his own version of it for me, dedicating it to Lexicolatry. How wonderful is that!? Nick writes the very funny blog A Vandal's History of Everything, which is history according to Wikipedia vandals. Just don't be writing your thesis on what you find there.

  • Fan art! Well, no, it's not really fan art, but it's as close as I've come so far, when the wonderful Bibi from Bibi Blog drew a picture based on my post bilocation. The picture is of Bibi imbued with the superpower of bilocation, pithily called Bilocation Bumblebee Bibi. And yes, she's been knocked unconscious in the picture due to her incessant monologuing.
  • Awards! One of my favourite bloggers, Evi from Sexta-fiera, recently asked if I accept personal blog awards, and promptly presented me with a "Love Your Blog!" award. Well, Evi, I didn't know they existed, but now I do and I definitely do accept! I suddenly feel like a real blogger. And as if I wasn't feeling flattered enough, Kara Braun from Lay It Down also presented me with one. My award is now proudly displayed at the top of the page. Thank you!
  • On top of all this, I want to thank everyone that's been reading and supporting Lexicolatry. The readership is steadily rising, and the commenting is a real highlight - very funny, insightful and fascinating. As well as the Facebook group, I recently started a Google+ page and a Twitter account, so feel free to join in there too if you like. Thank you!
  • Finally, you may have noticed that I put up an oh-so-subtle Nominate Me! badge for Blog Awards Ireland. The nominations close on Wednesday 31st July, so there are only a couple of days left. If you enjoy reading Lexicolatry and would like to nominate it, you can follow that link in the top left or click on the badge below. I really do appreciate your time in doing so - it means a lot. Several people have emailed me asking what category Lex should be in, but it's completely up to you. You can even nominate it in more than one if you wish. The information you'll need is the blog address (, the blog email ( and the blog start date if you're nominating it in the Newcomer category (26th November 2012). Thank you!
blog awards ireland

So that's it - halfway through 'B' and undeterred as we push our way through the tomes of the English language. If you're looking for today's word, fear not: it's bitrex, so there's not need to be bitter (oh dear).

Thank you, thank you, thank you again! It's been such great fun so far and I look forward to discovering and discussing many new words with you. 




  1. What a fun post, Ed! :)

    Congratulations on all your bloggy achievements!!

    I hope that you will also win a real blog award because you deserve it!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. I feel like I already have won a real blog award, Evi - thank you so much : o )

  2. Replies
    1. Thank *you*, C. Your comments and witticisms are always a highlight of my blogging day : o )

  3. I nominated you!! ^^ I even wrote a really awesome text on why you're such an awesome blogger. It was quite well written, if I might say so myself. Not as good as your posts on Lexi, but a close second, maybe... if you'd squint your eyes and maybe wear really dark sunglasses.

    1. Aww, thanks Bibi - I really appreciate that.

    2. You're very welcome! How great would it be if you'd win! Champagne for all!
      RYC: You'd be lost without me. The highlight of your day would disappear. There'd be nothing to live for. Oh, to live without a Bibi-post! The horror! The sadness! The children of the world would be crying!

      Or they'd go and watch some YouTube, who am I to tell them how to spend their days.

    3. I don't have any expectations of winning, really - I know that there are 1000s of entries. However, I thought it would be fun to do and I would be most chuffed indeed even if I made it through the first round of selections.

    4. A while ago I saw an ad for a thing, I think it was probably the same as the Irish blog awards, but for Belgium. I was thinking "maybe I should join in" but then I remembered that my blog isn't really all that popular and that I never even told my friends and family about it, let alone the rest of the country.

    5. Well Bibi ... someone had told me about the awards, and said they were interested in nominating Lexi, and I delayed for ages in putting up the button, but then I thought: why not? Lots of other blogs do it, it seems like a bit of fun, and it's a good way to promote your blog and get it out there too. And from the criteria given in the Irish awards, it's not popularity that would swing it, but the quality of the blog. Yours would definitely be worthy of a nomination in the quality department, Bibi : o )

  4. Well done Mr Ed, sir!
    You are very deserving of all and any awards you have received and will receive.
    Your posts are a delight to read!
    They even make me think! Dang it all!! :)
    I'm off to do some nominating!
    Good luck.

    1. Thank you Jingles - it's such good fun! And I've learnt rather a lot from your blog too : o )

  5. At this rate we have about eleven and a half years of the alphabet to go.


    1. I calculated approximately seven years when I wrote my notes on completing the letter 'A'. I'll need to revise that after each letter though - eek!