Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Blunderbuss - The Thunder Gun

Thunder Gun, Thunder Pipe, Donderbus,
Photo by Chris Peters


Noun. Mid-17th century.
[Alteration (by association with blunder) of Dutch donderbus, from donder thunder + bus gun (originally box, tube; compare with German Büchse.]

1. Historical. A short gun with a large bore, firing many balls or slugs at once. M17

2. A talkative or blundering person. L17

I've always wanted to fire a blunderbuss. Come on! Who hasn't? It's called a 'Thunder Gun' in the original Dutch for goodness sake! As well as the fascinating history behind the blunderbuss, it's found a place in the English language as a word for a talkative or blundering person, and it's an apt metaphor; we all know people who simply overwhelm those around them with their incessant, loud and indiscriminate talk, like the shot of a blunderbuss, as well as those who cause so much blundering destruction that it's like someone has fired a "Thunder Gun" in the room. Come to think of it, children are a bit like that. Maybe blunderbuss should also be used to mean a child (any child) under five.

Are you a blunderbuss?

Have you ever fired a blunderbuss?

Are you going to pretend you wouldn't like to?

Do please scatter your comments indiscriminately below.


  1. When I come across this word, I associate it with a big sloppy kiss, like the ones I get from my pooches! I just made you feel icky didn't I Ed?!
    I know it has nothing do with kisses, but it's that dang 'buss' at the end!

    1. I think it's a great word for a big sloppy kiss! (I shall just try and forget there are any animals involved)

  2. Replies
    1. Brevity is an art-form that few mortals can ever ...

      Ah nuts.

  3. One of the only times I can appreciate a blunderbuss (human form) is during awkward small talk. Ask one question and they can go on forever. Oh my introverted self appreciates that at times haha. It let's me be a bit lazy in the conversation :p.

    1. Haha depends on the day, the blunderbuss, and how much I am paying attention : p.

  4. Yeah!! My father is usually used to use thunder gun. This gun is really great. First time i have fired blunderbuss when my age was 10 years old. I really enjoyed it. Hope i will get this opportunity again.

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