Saturday, 31 August 2013

Boat - Whatever Floats Yours

Boat, Sailing, Sea, Ocean, Water, Nautical
Photo by Steve Mishos


[Old English bāt related to Old Norse beit, from Germanic: Dutch boot, German Boot, French bateau, have come from English or Scandinavian.]

1A. A small open vessel propelled by oars, engine, or sail.
Also (colloquial, especially among submariners) a submarine. OE

1B. Any small or distinctive kind of vessel, especially a fishing vessel, mail packet, ferry, or small steamer.
Also (chiefly US) a large seagoing vessel. L16

2. A boat-shaped utensil for holding gravy, sauce, incense, etc. L17

Humans love boats. We love to lounge in them, fish from them, read in them and swim from them. We love pristine boats, old boats, wrecked boats, sunken boats, converted boats, toy boats and model boats. We love to photograph them, paint them and build them. For many, it's a dream to one day own one. Unsurprisingly for a creature that has lived to explore and expand throughout its blue, watery planet, humans have a deep and special connection to water and the means by which we traverse it. Put simply: boats are part of us.

Boat, Sailing, Water, River, Oars
Photo by Dennis Jarvis
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  1. Replies
    1. "This" = ^^

    2. I know what type of boat he wants too - a catamaran! Ho ho ho.

  2. Wisdom from my father: the best way to own a boat is to know someone who owns a boat.

    Wisdom from my boat-owning aunt: a boat is just a fiberglass hole into which you pour money.

    But there is something so lovely and peaceful about a boat. Perhaps someday...

    - K D

    1. Your father's wisdom sounds a little sinister. As for a fibreglass boat - whoah! Hold your horses. I'm going to start out with a wooden rowing boat, and then I'll work from there. Livin' the dream, baby!

  3. Replies
    1. Ooh! A kayak - the boat of the true adventurer! I'm a bit more sedentary, drifting along sleepily in my rowboat ... zzzz ...