Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cachinnate - Laugh Out Loud

Laughing, Ha Ha Ha, LOL


Verb intransitive. Early 19th century.
[Latin cachinnat- past participial stem of cachinnare, of imitative origin.]

Laugh loudly or immoderately.

cachinnatory adjective of or connected with loud laughter. E19


Noun. Early 17th century.
[Latin cachinnatio(n-), formed as preceding: see -ATION.]

(A burst of) loud or immoderate laughter.

English has numerous synonyms for the verb laugh, including: giggle, titter, guffaw, chuckle, chortle, snicker, snigger and cackle (and that's without going into the phrasal verbs such as burst out laughing). A lesser known synonym is cachinnate (pronounced with a hard k sound), which has a devilishly villainous ring about it, bringing to mind the cunning cachinnations of Sideshow Bob, Dr Evil and The Wicked Witch of the West. For all their villainy, bad guys do seem to have a good sense of humour - and that's only when they think their plans are going to work. Can you imagine the cacophonous chorus of crude cachinnations if their plans did work? As for those of us that don't have the excuse of being evil, we're just left to cachinnate embarrassingly at the likes of funerals and job interviews. But at least we're not live on TV ...

Do you cachinnate?

What bad guy has the best cachinnation?

Do please leave your immoderately funny comments in the box below.


  1. Chortle is a pretty word. It would be nice if you did a Lexi-post on it.

    As for cachinnate: I don't. I'm a lady. I laugh my little lady laugh while I do my little lady things. Because I'm a lady, you see.

    1. Chortle has been marked, Bibi - just for you : o )

      And no, I can't imagine you cachinnating. I've decided that a female cachinnator is a cachinnatrix. That's a good word too, isn't it?

    2. That's sweet.

      Cachinnatrix is a beautiful word. Someone should send an e-mail to the OED-team so they can add it to the dictionary.

    3. If the OED-team isn't already reading Lexicolatry, of course! Hi OED-team, hello! *waves* Hope you had a good day today! Do leave a comment if you have the time! ^^

  2. Eddie, that video is comedy gold. I absolutely love it.

    It made me think of a misfortune that runs in the family: the tendency to "get the giggles" or to cachinnate uncontrollably and at inconvenient times. Several members of my extended family were once forcibly removed from Midnight Mass due to a cachinnatory outburst.

    It's really quite inconvenient, and would probably hinder any and all family members from villainous activity, as the greedy chuckle would quickly descend into helpless, side-holding hilarity. Not dignified in the slightest.

    Thanks for the word!

    1. A tendency to cachinnate can be a damnable handicap indeed, rendering one unwelcome at weddings, funerals, masses, memorials, and virtually any event with any degree of dignity.

      Still - forcibly removed? I think once you've been caught cachinnating, the game is up and you should go as quietly and with as few security guards called as possible : o )

    2. You would think, wouldn't you? This very subject has come up several times around family dinner tables, much to the horror of my uncle and the ongoing amusement of the aforementioned aunt and cousin.

      Some people just have too much fun.

  3. Well, gosh!
    While watching the video, I have found myself cachinnating uncontrollably while my eyes tear up!
    I love the word cachinnate, and I love to laugh!
    And that was some great alliteration you had going there again Ed!