Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Campestral - Fields of Freedom

Photo by 3rd Eye


Adjective. Early 18th century.
[from Latin campester, -tr-, from campus: see CAMP noun, -AL.]

Pertaining to fields or open country; growing or living in fields.

campestrial obsolete. adjective. Only in 17th century.

Fields are magical. Fields are for dreaming, for meditation, for relaxing, an escape from the constant pressure of the modern world, the incessant chatter of technology and life. Fields bring us closer to nature, to the natural world, and to ourselves; fields are where we can disconnect and reconnect simultaneously, putting just a little bit of distance between us and a world that constantly demands our attention. Fields are magical.

Do you have any campestral thoughts or memories?

Do feel free to comment below.


  1. Cobnuts!

    (That's a comment from left field.)

    1. I think the politically correct term is 'campestrally sinister'.

      That was good wasn't it?

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