Monday, 13 January 2014

Cap-à-pie - Head to Toe, But Classier

Head to toe, Armed to the teeth
A soldier armed cap-à-pie. And with a helmet like that he's probably French.


Adverb. Archaic. Early 16th century.
[Old French cap a pie [modern de pied en cap]

From head to foot, fully (armed, ready, etc.).

Although it's written like someone's about to do a drive-by on a steak and kidney, I rather like cap-à-pie. Its actual pronunciation (cap-uh-pee) is a tad disappointing if you don't French it up a bit, but it still sounds a lot better than the English 'from head to toe' and even the modern French 'de pied en cap'.

Are you cap-à-pie?

What do you say when you are cap-à-pie?

Do toe the line and put a capital comment in the box below. 


  1. Hmmmm...nothing comes to mind, except I really like this post! lol

  2. After brushing the dogs today, I was completely covered in black fur cap-à-pie!

    1. Ha! Love it, Jingles - you incorrigible canophilist, you!