Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Capeesh - A Criminally Misspelt Word

Mafia, Mafioso
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Interjection. Slang (chiefly US). Mid-20th century.
[Italian capisce 3 singular present indicative of capire understand.]

Do you understand? Get it?

Considering it's a word related to understanding, there's an awful lot of confusion drifting around the internet regarding how you spell capeesh - even otherwise reliable sources give spellings that are not accepted by major dictionaries. As nothing undermines a mafia don's authority more than misspelling a word like capeesh during the annual Five Families Scrabble Championship, here is a list of spellings commonly found but not accepted by the OED, Merriam-Webster or (crucially) the Collins Scrabble Dictionary:

Capeche x
Capiche x
Capisce x
 Capische x
Capisci x
Coppish x
Kapeesh x

Have you ever participated in the Five Families Scrabble Championship?

Do you know of any other "spellings" for capeesh?

Are you a lexically-sensitive mafioso?

Just leave your comments in the box and walk away. Capeesh?


  1. Well, dash my buttons!
    I'm still going to spell it capiche!
    You can send the spelling mafia after me, but it will always be capiche for me!
    Ya capiche?!

    1. Jingles! Such blatant disregard for the standards of spelling and the infallibility of dictionaries. All I can say is this - should you ever be challenged for misspelling 'capeesh' in a game of Scrabble, don't come running here because I'll only say 'I told you so!' : o )

  2. In our household, we don't play board games. We're all too competitive and can't stand losing. If ever the scrabble board somehow appears on the kitchen table (my mum doesn't share our competitive and "can't stand losing" genes; that's all my dad's contribution to our gene pool), words will fall. But not words for points. Oh no.

    I writted this wrong. I will writ it write now!

    1. I hereby challenge thee to a game of 'Words With Friends'. My handle is Lexicolatry.com. Let's see how bad a loser you are : o )

    2. I played something similar with -E- for a while. Okay, one game. I was terribly frustrated. For one: it's in a language that's not mine. And two: I really, really, really hate board games.

    3. Oh fine. I'll continue playing random strangers then. Hmph.