Monday, 20 January 2014

Caprice - Gone With the Whim

Caprice, Capricious
It's a superdog. I just like it, OK?
(photo by Jenn and Tony Bot)


Noun. Mid-17th century.
[French from Italian capriccio (literally) head with the hair standing on end, (hence) horror,
(later, by association with capra goat) sudden start, from capo head (see CAPO noun) + riccio hedgehog (ultimately from Latin (h)ericius URCHIN.]

1(a) An unaccountable change of mind or conduct; a whim; a freakish fancy. M17

1(b) Inclination or disposition to such changes etc.; capriciousness. M17

2 = CAPRICCIO 3. E18


Adjective. Early 17th century.
[French capricieux from Italian capriccioso, from capriccio (see preceding) + -oso -OUS.]

1 obsolete. Humorous; fantastic; characterized by fat-fetched comparisons etc. E17-E18

2 Guided by caprice; readily swayed by whim or fancy; inconstant.
Of a thing: subject to sudden change, irregular, unpredictable. E17

capriciously adverb E17
capriciousness noun L16

I was going to write a really interesting post on caprice and capricious, but I've decided to go and buy some new underpants instead.

Feel free to comment while I'm gone.


  1. Ed, that's like the Moon saying to the Earth, 'I'm not going to orbit you today so you'll have to influence your own tides - Jupiter and I are going to grab a Lapsang Souchong and some carrot cake.'

    1. XL or XXL? Oh never mind. I think in the interim I might have become a Scientologist.

  2. Now there's a word you're going to have to do when you get to the U's in 2050! :) Underpants!
    I can't remember the last time I even heard the word.
    Heard underwear, undies, jockeys, boxers, briefs, panties, etc., but underpants hasn't been mentioned in many a year!

    That was a bit of a capricious decision you made Ed! I hope you un-capriced? in time!

    1. Jingles, it is illegal, in Thailand, to leave your house without wearing your underpants.


    2. *Underpants* - highlighted and noted as "Requested by Jingles".

      As for underpants, I did hesitate over that word for second, but it strikes me as one of those "inherently funny" words, and the other options just don't have the same comedic impact.

      As it happens, I got distracted right outside The Underpants Emporium and somehow ended up with a tattoo of a butterfly on my ankle. And still no underpants. Better not travel to Thailand any time soon.