Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Capriped - Goats' Feet Are In (No Kidding)

Vegas Girl shoes, made from goat's feet and pistols by Iris Schieferstein
(photo courtesy of The Virtual Shoe Museum)


Adjective & noun. Rare. Also capripede. Mid-18th century.
[Latin capripes, -ped-, from caper, capr- goat + pes, ped- foot.]

(A person) having feet like those of a goat.

Pan and his bevy of satyrs, yes. Fauns, nymphs and whatever other gods, demigods and semigods those crazy Greeks and loopy Romans dreamt up, sure. But a person? A capriped person? Well turn me over and tickle me sidewards - as open-minded and non-discriminatory as I try to be, I do think I'd find it just a teensy bit difficult not to stare if I saw a bona fide capriped.

Of course, staring eyes might just be the whole purpose if you're wearing shoes such as those designed by Iris Schieferstein, whose pieces crafted from dead (already dead, I'm assured) animals have won the patronage of none other than Lady Gaga. The capriped shoes pictured, crafted from goat hooves and (unloaded) pistols, are featured on The Virtual Shoe Museum and are guaranteed to cause quite the stir at the office Christmas party. Just be sure you don't have to cross any cattle-grids on the way home.

Capriped, Capripede
There's all manner of capripedal weirdness going on in this painting - the capriped babies are especially ... umm ... yeah.
The Discovery of Honey by Bacchus
Piero Di Cosimo (1462-1521)

So, those capriped shoes - do they float your goat?

Or do ewe just not give a ram?

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  1. Those shoes. Why? Just why?!!
    I'm going to have nightmares for a month now about pistol-happy goat's feet!!
    Thanks Ed!

    1. I suspect, Jingles, that you agree my hobby really isn't that weird now.

      I went to a party like that one in the picture, got nervous, couldn't pee on me or anyone else, and got kicked out because they felt I must be a sheep.


    2. So you're not a fan, Jingles? And I think -c is sitting on the fence, which is good, because goats can do that.

  2. In horror movies these are the antichrist hooves. You just see them on your carpet one day and you know sonething is going wrong and someone needs an exorcism. Now, why would someone wear those or design those? They look horrible.

    1. So ... reading between the lines ... you're not a fan either, no?

    2. Thank God you can read between the lines!

  3. d Intrstin thng bout goats ft S dat their hooves av hrd outer shells n a rubbery, concave set of footpads dat act as suction cups wen dey wlk n their steep env., n hlp cushion their ft wen dey jump frm rk 2 rk.