Monday, 27 January 2014

Cara Sposa - "One's Dear Wife"

Cara sposa
Photo by Chi Hang Lau


Noun phrase. Plural care spose. Late 18th century.
[Italian. Compare with CARO SPOSO.]

(One's) dear wife; a devoted wife.

I will never possess the eloquence to adequately articulate everything that a cara sposa is, means, or will be to her husband, let alone what my cara sposa means to me. It's been a great pleasure looking through photographs for this post, from young lovers on their wedding day, embarking on a life together, to elderly couples who, decades on, are still as in love and committed as they were when they first set out on that majestic journey together. Regardless of whatever social or cultural restraints one might feel, however, a lack of eloquence need not be a barrier, nor should ever be an excuse, for anyone to hesitate in expressing just how much their dear wife, their beloved cara sposa, means to them.

Please feel free to comment below.


  1. Ok I'll have a go.

    My wife is magical. My wife is for dreaming, for meditation, for relaxing, an escape from the constant pressure of the modern world, the incessant chatter of technology and life. My wife brings me closer to nature, to the natural world, and to .....,well,

    This is more difficult than I thought.

    I love my wife more than Angry Nerd loves the sound of a fast hybrid lexus belching, more than Jingles loves her dogs, more than Bibi loves Belgium, more than the T1thousand loves dangerous stuff, more than Sally dislikes her lazy, grobulous critic, and more than you love fields.


    1. Beautiful words, C. Somehow, on some inexplicable level, I felt as if they were resonating ... not in me ... but from me ... as if ... oh never mind.

  2. Will there be a separate post for caro sposo? [ :) ]

    I always love to hear how much men love their wives so both you and -C did a great job.

    1. Yes, there will of course, Evi - us hubbies can be rather wonderful too!

  3. Yes, what Evi said! A lot of men don't express their feelings about their wives.
    So bravo Ed and Mr. C!