Friday, 14 February 2014

Caseous - Cheesy Queasy

Swiss cheese - classic cartoon food
(photo by NCI)


Adjective. Mid-17th century.
[from Latin caseus cheese + -OUS.]

1 Of or like cheese, cheesy. M17

2 MEDICINE. Like cheese in appearance;
characterized by caseation. M18

I love cheese, I really do, but anything that's described as cheesy warrants suspicion. As for any type of medical condition or bodily function that's linked with el queso ... well let's just say I don't advise doing a Google image search for caseous necrosis and leave it at that.

Do please leave your gratest comment below.


  1. You knew it was going to happen didn't you!
    Of course I searched.
    Cheese will never be the same for me again.
    And it's all your fault!
    My man will be knocking on your door the next time he wants a grilled cheese sandwich, cos I won't be making it for him!!

    1. Oh come now! My cautionary warning was fair and true!

      (besides, just set the laptop on your husband's knee with the words "Now you just look at some pictures, dear, while I make your deliciously cheesy grilled sandwich." - that'll get you out of caseous sandwich duty)

    2. Something suitably cheesy for Valentine's Day, I see.

    3. Friday night in my household has been a no-cook night for me for a long time now - once the kids got old enough, it' s been everybody for himself!
      Well, wouldn't you know it, my man decided tonight he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich tonight - for real!
      Guess who made it!! No laptop or the like was involved! :)

  2. Put goats cheese and some pre-cooked streaky bacon on top of Portobello mushrooms (those big open ones), fry them in butter on a low heat for about 10 minutes, the last minute covered so that the cheese completely melts, and then, crucially, eat them.

    (...I'm not going to Google that condition ed because I don't think this recipe will work anymore if I do)


    1. No, don't. And no Googling 'fungal caseous necrosis topped with bacon' either.

  3. Choosing cheese and cheesy on a day like Feb 14th is brilliant. Subtle commentary at its best. (Or is it just my imagination? As The Cranberries would say?)

    1. I'm rather bound by the order of words in the OED, but it was either this of 'Casanova', and I did think 'caseous' was altogether more appropriate : o )

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