Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cementitious - What I Cement to Say ...

A drawing of two stick-figures holding hands with a red love heart, drawn into wet cement
(photo by Celine Nadeau)


Adjective. Early 19th century.
[from CEMENT, Old & modern French ciment from Latin caementum quarry stone, (in plural) chips of stone, from caedere hew.]

Of the nature of cement.

I love it when you're soft and wet
Even more when hard and set
You mix me round you're so delicious
My love for you is cementitious

Mortar come with more to do
Freshly cured I bind to you
Plastered smooth, a full rendition
My love complete in cementition

Booya! And they said a cement-themed love poem could never be written.

Do please pour out your most cementitious comments below.


  1. Have you seen the French movie Love Me If You Dare? This poem sums it up pretty well.

    1. I haven't, but now I'm oddly curious (or just curiously odd).

  2. Wow I wonder if Hallmark are looking to open a range of valentine cards to cover Yorkshire brick layers and Newyork gangsters disposing of bodies? if so you,ve a concrete winner there.

    1. Exquisitely irresistible, Eddie. If laid on with a trowel.

    2. The Cementitious Range - I'm preparing my pitch for Dragon's Den right now.

      (And thank you Sally)