Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cephalalgy - Migraine Is Your Loss

Painting of a woman holding an ice-pack to her head
For a woman, a headache is a perfectly acceptable excuse ...
(art by Pierre Willemin)


Noun. Now rare. Also in Latin form cephalalgia. Mid-16th century.
[Latin cephalalgia from Greek kephalalgia, from kephale head + -algia from Greek algos pain.]

(A) headache.

Are you a man that's prone to headaches? Then you'll know the daily discrimination faced by similarly delicately-minded men across the globe, for, while a headache might be a perfectly valid excuse for a woman when she doesn't want to ... well ... when she doesn't want to do anything, for a man it's the flimsiest, feeblest, most ridiculous and most emasculating excuse one can offer. Even if it's ... y'know ... one of those that's right behind the eye ...

Therefore, the next time you're out for a couple of jars with the lads and need to call it a day, rather than "Sorry, guys, I'm gonna shoot off because I've got a bit of a headache coming on," might I suggest "Arrgh! My cephalalgy! Call me a cab quick!" It's the perfect word - it's true, it's highbrow, and it's just obscure and serious-sounding enough that you're unlikely to be questioned on it. And then you can go home and watch Downton Abbey just like you wanted at the beginning of the night.

A footballer on the ground holding his head, attended to by a physio
... but for a guy, well it just looks kind of silly.
(photo by Jon Candy)
Are you a man that suffers from headaches (snigger) or cephalalgy (oh no!)?

Do you subscribe to that laugh-a-minute journal Cephalalgia by that utterly hilarious bunch over at the International Headache Society?

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