Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cervisial - Beer Oh Dear

A top-down shot of a pint of beer
The Cervisial Orb
(photo by Waferboard)


Adjective. Jocular. Late 18th century.
[from Latin cervisia beer.]

Of or pertaining to beer.

There are so many things that can be cervisial. The cervisial glaze, for example, that descends upon a person's eyes after one too many. And the cervisial wobble, as someone tries so very hard to appear sober but that tell-tale bobble-head rocking motion belies their bibition. And cervisial breath - that pungent, yeasty stench that washes over you as a drunk, always standing too close, tries to tell you how he had trialsh for Liverpool but had to drop out becaush one knee was shorter than the other and hish dad was arreshted for horsh fraud on a Shunday while his mum worked the deli at Sainshburys. Oh, of course - cervisial rambling and the cervisial shlur.
A beer mat showing a man (rather erotically) sipping a pint
Cervisial erotica
(Roger Wollstadt)
As for good things, what about good old-fashioned cervisial snobbery? If there's one thing I like (yes, like) to be a bit of a snob about, it's beer. And cervisial bonding - a group of mates, sitting in a beer garden for the afternoon, telling jokes and catching up while having a few (good quality and locally sourced) beers together. And the cervisial reconciliation - you have to have done something pretty bad for it all not to go away with the purchase of a pint: "Come on, Dave. I'm sorry about your car. Let me buy you a beer," which, if proper etiquette is followed, is succeeded by the cervisial antapology when Dave buys the next round. 

An early 20th post showing soldiers drinking beer and laughing at the enemy
Cervisial propaganda
And finally, there's cervisial multilingualism, a puzzling phenomenon that compels British people who have never learnt a foreign word in their lives to studiously learn the word for beer in whatever country they might happen to be visiting. Well ... it really is the least one can do.

How will you use the adjective cervisial today?

Do you have any other suggestions for beer-related phenomena?

Do bring things to a head and pour your frothiest comments into the beer box below.


  1. Love that feeling of sluurrrrinng words, and you know that you should have another one for the road and you make that decision firmly in your head. No More!
    Then your asked one for the road? And involuntarily you slur out yes.
    Good times, and good memories.
    But the message I'm sending here is know your limits ;)

    1. Great to see you T1!

      Thank you for bringing this socially responsible (if rather contradictory and ambiguous) message - know your limits indeed, people.

  2. Well, I'll be danged!
    All those years I had the cervisial wobble, and never knew it!
    Here I was thinking the earth turned to jelly whenever I partook of some potations!

    1. I don't slur my words, totter or get belligerent when I drink, Jingles.

      It's just what other people say. Somehow *my* drinking changes *their* perception, which is very weird indeed.

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