Monday, 31 March 2014

Cete - Badgers of Honour

A European badger
A badger
(image by Christof Bobzin)


Noun. Late Middle English.
[Perhaps from Latin coetus assembly, company.]

A group of badgers.

A German stamp with a badger on it
A badger on a stamp
(image by Vintage Printable)

Three Little Known Facts About Badgers:

They're the largest predator native to Britain and Ireland

On these islands, it is the only native predator of hedgehogs

A group of badgers is called a cete
 (pronounced seet)

A cardboard box of toy badgers
A cete of badgers
(photo by Janet McKnight)

Do you know any other badgery facts?
(double points if they're facts about cetes of badgers)

Do please leave your most black and white comments below.


  1. They're doughty fighters, are badgers, and have been known to see off bears and wolves (and not only when drunk, which badgers sometimes are when they've been at the rotting fruit).

    1. I've heard about their fighting ability. I read an article about badger-baiting, and it sounded as cruel to the dogs involved as it is to the badgers. Horrible.

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