Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chalcenterous - With Bowels of Bronze

A closeup of a bronze statue's head
I couldn't find a picture of any bowels of bronze, but I did find this bronze head, and it looks pretty tough
(photo by Kloniwotski)


Adjective. Mid-20th century.
[from Greek khalkenteros, from khalkos copper, brass + enteron intestine.]

With bowels of bronze; tough.

chalcenteric adj. M20

If you've ever eaten your mother-in-law's tripe supper, or your sister-in-law's bran muffins, then I applaud you, and you may rightly apply to yourself the adjective chalcenterous: with bowels of bronze, derived from Greek words for copper, brass and intestines.

Tripe on display in a butcher's
With tripe, it's all about the presentation
(photo by Lucarelli)
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  1. Replies
    1. Irritable Bronze Syndrome?

      I don't think that's a real thing, Evi.

      *rolls eyes*

  2. Suidas allied this epithet to the Greek grammarian Didymus Chalcenterus because of his renowned 'indefatigable industry' with his prodigal output of written works rather than the old Greek being rock hard and could taken any of you in a fight! ....Come and have a go if you think you're chalcenterous enough!

    1. Ha! The nerdiest pub taunt ever.

      Perfect for those that want blank looks all round before getting their head kicked in.