Monday, 21 April 2014

Cher maître - Dear Master Writer


Noun phrase. Plural cheres maîtres (pronounced same). Early 20th century.
[French, literally 'dear master'.]

(A flattering form of address to) a famous writer.

If I were to address any writer as cher maître, it would probably be Sir William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies (not that I would expect him to care too much whether I addressed him as master or not, seeing as he won the Nobel Prize for Literature). Whether or not one actually ever addresses a writer as cher maître, I do like the idea of considering one as such, in admiring and seeking to emulate (perhaps even surpass) their skill, artistry and dedication.

Who would you address as cher maître?

How would you feel if you were addressed as such?

Do please leave your most literary comments below.


  1. I would assume that someone had mistaken me for a male colleague. But then I do bear an astonishing resemblance to George Bernard Shaw.

    1. I've been flicking back and forth between your pic and his, Sally ... and ... nope - can't see it.

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