Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Chevaline - Horsing About

A chestnut horse galloping in the dust
Photo by R. Rahman


Adjective. Rare. Mid-16th century.
[French, feminine of chevalin, from CHEVAL.]

Or or pertaining to horses.

While I can't claim to have ever really got the magic of horses, I do grant that they must possess some indefinable allure, as people absolutely love their chevaline mystique. Oh, the word chevaline - that I do love. Or at the very least really, really like.

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Note: Due to being abroad, the original post originally consisted solely or the word, its definition, and the follow explanatory text:
Argh! The horror of dodgy Carpathian WiFi has struck again, so today you will have to be content with just the word - no picture, no rambling commentary, and no probing questions (my mobile data is too limited to allow for such luxury). Chevaline is a particularly lovely word though, is it not? Will it do? Just until I'm back into the land of unlimited, wondrous, luxuriant WiFi, at which point I will return to this word to complete it with all of the bells and whistles of my usual posts. I think it will.

PS: Transylvania is stunningly beautiful. Today I got lost in a graveyard, saw Vlad the Impaler's birthplace, and bought a drawing of tulips from a young Roma girl who had the most stunning eyes I've ever seen.


  1. Hey Ed, I'm glad to read you're having fun! Apart from the post related pictures, you should add some of your trip too. You can't just leave everything to our imagination! ;)

    1. I might write a piece on my trip for my MS blog, Evi, as I was doing physio before I came and it's definitely helped.

  2. Ah, you're on holiday! I was wondering if you were ill or something there for a bit!
    And yes, as Evi said, add some of your trip pictures and tales too!
    Now get back to enjoying your holiday with your family!
    Have a great time.

    1. Just a couple of days left now, but it's been wonderful!

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