Friday, 25 April 2014

Chiaroscuro - Light and Shade

A man sitting late at night surfing the internet
Photo by JacobFG


Noun & adjective. Mid-17th century.
[Italian, from chiaro clear, bright + oscuro dark, OBSCURE adjective. Noun plural in A = chiaroscuros.]

A1 A style of painting in which only light and shade are represented; black and white. M17

A2 The treatment or disposition of the light and shade, or brighter and darker masses, in a picture;
an effect or contrast of light and shade in a picture on in nature. L17

A3 figurative. The use of contrast in literature etc. E19

B attrib. or as adj. In chiaroscuro, in black white;
figurative. marked by stylistic etc. contrasts; half-revealed. M19

chiaroscurist noun an artist distinguished for or painting in chiaroscuro. L18

As a PI, insomniac and blogger, I feel as if I've spent half my life in chiaroscuro; I do rather like it like that, though, so please don't open the curtains.

Do please leave your darkest comments below. 

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