Saturday, 26 April 2014

Chic - In a Fashion

Vintage chic blonde girl in a classic car
These girls are chic ...
(photos by Laura Dye Photography)


Noun & adjective. Mid-19th century.
[French, probably from German Schick skill.]

A noun. Stylishness; elegance in dress; skill, effectiveness. M19

B adj. Comparative chic-er; superlative chic-est. Stylish, elegant. M19

chicly adv. E20

So chic (probably) comes from the German Schick. For whatever reason, that's not an etymology that sits right with me; perhaps it's because it sounds like schlick, or ick, or something similarly un-chicly. Talking of which, chicly is another incredibly unchic word; perhaps it's because it sounds like the Spanish chicle, or sickly, or ... oh never mind. I like the word chic - I might not have it, but I can admire it in others, and, icky-Shicky-shlicky etymologies aside, the word suits it perfectly.
Two chic girls standing by a classic car
... definitely a whole lot of chic going on here.
Are you chic?

Does the etymology of chic spoil things for you?

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  1. Not chic? Not even geek chic, Eddie? And there I've been imagining you on stake-outs in a variety of disguises including pastel twin sets and white knee boots. Ah well.

    1. Geek chic? Hmm. No, I don't think I even do that. But then is not doing that the real chic? Sadly, no, I don't think it is.