Sunday, 4 May 2014

Chopsocky - Bad Flicks & Ninja Kicks

Film poster for Night of the Kickfights, showing a man doing a kick with a shuriken coming out of his shoe


Noun. North American colloquial. Late 20th century.
[Perhaps jocularly from CHOP SUEY.]

Kung fu or a similar martial art, especially as depicted in violent action films. Frequently attributively.

I was spoilt for choice when looking for videos to illustrate chopsocky - unfortunately most of them contained too much stilted profanity and ketchup gore to be used on a family-friendly forum like Lexicolatry. Still, if you have two-minutes of your life that you don't plan on using productively, I give you the trailer to Night of Kickfighters, a film that is suitably representative of the genre with its sub-sub-standard acting, preposterous plot, and stage-fighting reminiscent of particularly talentless ten-years old boys play-fighting in their aunt's garden (and both secretly thinking that they're really getting a little bit old for this nonsense). Go on. Watch it. And tell me you didn't secretly enjoy it. 

Are you a fan of chopsocky?

Have you, would you, could you sit through Night of the Kickfighters?

Do please strike a chord by leaving your most preposterous comments in the box below.


  1. I can't get past the word, let alone try to watch the video!!
    Chopsocky? Really?? Why, just why?!!

    Ok, I tried the video. If laughing is enjoying something, then yes I enjoyed it!! :)

    1. I rather enjoyed it too, Jingles. Sometimes, awfulness can be taken to the level of fine art, and I think this is one of those times.