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Chose jugée - It's Been Settled, Stupid

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Noun phrase. Plural choses jugées (pronounced same). Late 19th century.

A settled or decided matter; something it is idle to discuss.

"Right ... so we've decided ... we're going to the Dog & Duck for a pint."
"Yup. Absolutely. Everyone wants to go to the Dog & Duck, so that's what we'll do."
"That's great, because I don't like the Red Lion."
"And I might bump into Tiffany."
"Exactly. Which is why we've come to a firm decision, together, that tonight it's the Dog & Duck."
"Exactly. So let's not talk about it any more, because it's a settled matter."

"Yes indeed - a chose jugée."
"A what?"
"A chose jugée. It's French for 'a settled matter', one for which continued discussion is pointless."
"That, my friend, is the type of conversion I'm so looking forward to having with you over a pint ..."
"At the Dog & Duck?"
"At the Dog & Duck."
"Which is choosey wotsit, as you said, and therefore further talk on this matter is a complete waste of time."
"And why waste our precious time when we could be sitting having a pint in the Dog and Duck?"
"Precisely. Because that's what we've all decided to do, because the Red Lion ..."
"... is where Tiffany drinks ..."
" ... and none of us like it anyway ..."
"... and Ed's banned."
"... and Ed's banned. You're banned aren't you, Ed? Ed? You're banned right? Ed?"
"He's banned."
"He's also crying. Ed? Why are you crying?"
"Maybe he wants to go to the Red Lion."
"No, he wants to go the Dog and Duck."
"Oh yeah. We already decided that."
"Right ... so we've decided ... we're going to the Dog and Duck for a pint ..."

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