Monday, 26 May 2014

Cleromancy - Lots of Stupidity

A drawing of a pair of dice
Drawing by Fitzsean


Noun. Now rare. Early 17th century.
[From Greek kleros chance, lot + -MANCY .]

Divination by lots.

Cleromancy is divination by the casting of lots or, more often, the rolling of dice. I rolled a fifteen, which means that a journey to be undertaken will yield profit or pleasure, which is funny, because later I'm going to walk to the local shop and buy a can of ginger beer. How did they know? How did they know?

Seriously: how did they know?

Do please roll out your most clear-sighted comments in the box below.


  1. Well if 15 brings profit and pleasure, what will I get for 18?!
    Or a measly 3?

    1. Let me see ...

      18 means happiness, financial success or a rise in status. 3 means you'll win a can of Coke in a raffle.

      All in all a pretty good night.

    2. I don't like coke!
      But I'm good with the rest of it! :)

    3. Ah, y'see. There's always a downside with these things. You don't get something for nothing, even in the supernatural plane. I'm afraid a can of coke is the price you must pay ...