Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cloze Test - Blanks Very Much

A group of US sailors sitting a written exam
(photo by the US Navy)


Adjective. Mid-20th century.
[Representative abbreviation of CLOSURE noun.]

Designating a comprehension test or testing procedure in
which the subject is asked to supply words deleted from a text.

If you've ever taken a ________ where you had to fill in the missing _______, you've taken what's called a Cloze Test, a format that tests a __________'s knowledge, vocabulary and comprehension. Sometimes a blank will have a number of possible ___________, depending on the student's opinion and background; other times, there will only be _____ correct answer, such as when the blank is for a specific fact, name or date.

Have you ever sat a _______ test?

Do you consider them to be an ____________ teaching tool?

Do please ______ your _______ ______ in ___ box ______.

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