Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cordiform - A Word with Heart

A handmade heart-shaped brooch
A cordiform brooch
(by Mary Anne Enriquez)


Adjective. Early 19th century.
[from Latin cor(d) heart + -FORM.]


If you're looking for a synonym for 'heart-shaped', consider cordiform which, together with its cognate cordate, is also a formal zoological and botanical term, as in 'a cordiform leaf'. I'm not quite sure why I like this word so much, but it's ... well ... captured my heart.

A selection of eight handmade heart-shaped bookmarks
Cordiform bookmarks
(by Marceline Smith)

Do please leave your most heartfelt comments in the box below.


  1. what a lovely definition & presentation!
    highly recommendable for a Hallmark Valentines Card ;o)
    thanks, mbk

    1. Cordiform would make a good company name, wouldn't it? Or maybe it already has. Glad you liked it.

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