Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Corpocracy - The Stifling Layers of Bureaucracy

A group of identical smiling suited silhouettes
The smiling faces of the corpocracy
(image by TruthOut.org)


Noun. Late 20th century.

Bureaucratic organization as manifested in large companies,
especially where a rigid hierarchical structure leads to inefficiency;
a company characterized by such organization;
such companies collectively.

corpocrat noun an executive within a corpocracy. L20
corpocratic adj. pertaining to or characteristic of corpocracy or corpocracies. L20

I used to work for a sprawling mass of a corpocracy, and I hated every inefficient minute of it. If a front-line worker in this (dis)organisation had a question, he would first address it to his Team Leader, who would then refer it to his Area Manager. The Area Manager would then, depending on the query, have to consult with one of three company departments, who would bounce the query pinball-style off each other and within their own tortuous hierarchies before finally giving up and shooting it straight to the top for the CEO to answer. But at least then you got your answer, right? No, because the reply would have to follow the same stupid route back to its source. By the time this besuited game of Chinese Whispers was over, the answer to the three-day-old question rarely corresponded to what was originally asked: "No, Eddie, you may not charge overtime on months beginning with M except during leap years orange gravy tugboat."

Corpocracies. I hate you all.


  1. Oh, how I like your witty words, to describe that ridiculous stupidity of organizations like that ...