Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cosmetology - Make-Up For the Stars

A purple eye with rainbow eyeshadow
Electric Rainbow
(photo by Courtney Rhodes)


Noun. Mid-19th century.
[French cosmétologie, formed from COSMETIC + -OLOGY.]

1 obsolete. A book on dress and personal hygiene. rare. Only in 19th century.

2 The art and practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin;
the branch of science that deals with this as a technical skill. M20

cosmetologist noun E20

There's something rather celestial about the word cosmetologist, something that wants to put it in the same league as astronaut, astronomer and astrologer. But it's a good word, and more beauticians and makeup artists should use it, perhaps with appropriate punnery on their business cards:

Want to look like a star?

Want to be a Big Bang on your Big Day?

Then call the Cosmetology Clinic and let us crater heavenly new look for you
(we'll planet all out first with no-cometment)

Call today and ask for Sharon, Karen, Tracy or Stacy

A makeup artist sitting in a dressing room
A cosmetologist
(photo by Paul Cox)
Are you a cosmetologist?

 Are you upset at my nominal stereotyping of highly-qualified professionals?

Do please leave your most well-founded comments in the (let's) makeup box below.


  1. So I asked the consultant: is there a brand of mascara that your infernal eye-drops don't dissolve, leaving me looking like an insomniac zombie? And you know something? He had no idea. Not a clue.
    It took me twenty five years to find the right stuff - in an article written by a cosmetologist.
    And, you know what? It's so nice not to have people running away screaming at the sight of me that I don't care if she WAS called Tracy.

    1. There you go - your cosmetologist was indeed a highly qualified professional (a genuine star, if you will).

  2. Beautiful makeup..looking gorgeous.Eye make is also too good & very clean.I always like to apply different kind of makeup.Thank you for sharing. I loved & liked it.