Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Criminogenic - In the Name of the Phwoar

Megan Simmons
Guilty of nothing more than stealing my heart ... (and DUI)


Adjective. Early 20th century.
[from CRIMIN(AL) + -O- + -GENIC.]

Causing crime or criminal behaviour.

Some people just rock the jumpsuit. And no, if you wanna get all technical, that's not really what criminogenic means but ... ugh ... c'mon! Its meaning is boring. How much better is it to describe those people that somehow transform into burglarious beauties when they don the orange threads? Take Megan Simmons, for breathtaking example, arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence, whose sultrily sinful mugshot has arrested an entire generation of internet loners ever since. There's also some blackguardly beau called Jeremy Meeks, whose criminally-chiselled charm ... oh forget it ... I can't write about him right now. I'm too busy gazing wistfully into Simmons' sizzlingly criminogenic eyes ... sigh ...

Jeremy Meeks
He's alright, I guess
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  1. I think these criminogenic good looks are indeed criminogenic. I've never been so tempted to turn to a life of crime.

    1. I don't think it's a defence that will stand up in court. I don't think ... but then if the judge saw the pictures ... ?

  2. Ed I'm an immensely manly sort of man as you well know, usually chopping trees and reconditioning gearboxes before breakfast, but as a life long admirer of aesthetic wonderfulness I have to say that that Jeremy Meeks is flippin gorgeous!

    1. Who? Jeremy Meeks? Oh yeah him ... I suppose you ... umm ... Simmons ... orange ...


    2. My father in law chopped up trees for breakfast then lifted out engines with his bear hands (he was a car breaker). That's useful. Lets see what Jeremy Meeks face is like in 40 years; Megan's too.

  3. Megan Simmons and Jeremy Meeks are perfect examples of misguided paths. There is a lot of information regarding lawyers for DUI available out there and sifting through it to find the right DUI attorney is a daunting task. I remember, hiring Los Angeles DUI attorney was a daunting task for us when my cousin got charged with DUI.

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